Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nik's Picks: Pentel SES15N

I like the idea of featuring stuff I've recently discovered in a weekly or bi-weekly or who-the-hell-knows-how-often blog article.  I pretty much live online and in my cyber-travels I discover tons of artists, craftspeople, music and videos that register on my Squee-o-Meter.  So, whenever I find something squeeworthy I'll share it here.

Let's begin!

Add this to your Art Arsenal: Pentel SES15N:

What It Is: The most impressive brush pen I've ever tried

Why I Love It:  I've worked with Microns, Copic Multiliners, Prismacolor Liners and PITT pens.  And let me tell you, as far as getting crisp, smooth line weight with minimal effort goes, the Pentel SES15N takes the extremely well-drawn cake.

At first I was afraid to put too much pressure on this baby, having been burned with my liners in the past, but it can take the heat and deliver anything from thin cross-hatch lines to bold thick border lines.  Pressing at my hardest it probably delivers a light weight of 1.0, it's thinnest a 0.3.  Also although this mimics a brush pen, there are no bristles.  Which means no stray stray hair effing up what was once a perfect pen drawing of Wonder Woman.

The only downside to the SES15N is that it uses water-based ink, which means alcohol-based pens like Copics or Prismacolor markers will smudge your lines like mad.  But if you're lining with a mind to add color with Photoshop later, this pen's for you.

Where To Buy: I purchased mine directly from the Pentel site here.

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